Costa Excursion in Abu Dhabi : Al Maya, a day of relaxation

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Rainy days make me feel blue. So I’m having a look at the photos I took during our cruise in the United Arab Emirates onboard Costa Toscana. And I’d like to share our Costa Excursion in Abu Dhabi entitled “Al Maya, a day of relaxation”.

This excursion is around seven hours long and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a beautiful resort, a sandy beach, a translucent sea with turquoise water and a blue sky.

Fancy it?

First of all, the excursion starts with a bus ride from the terminal to the mole. There you’ll get on a small boat sailing to Al Maya Island. The motor boat may accommodate up to 10 persons. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to sail to the island.

costa excursion abu Dhabi

While sailing, have a look at the breathtaking skyscrapers getting smaller and smaller. You can also catch sight of the Presidential Palace Qsar Al Watan.

costa excursion abu Dhabi

The resort was established in 2005 and it is composed of sandy beaches, a pool, a restaurant and a bar in the one hand and a hotel and luxurious villas on the other hand.

If you book the excursion, you’ll have access to the pool, the beaches and sun beds. Credit cards are accepted if you fancy a drink or a snack.

In Abu Dhabi there are about 200 natural islands. Most of them can be visited by tourists. You must take a boat to visit Al Maya. Originally Al Maya was only a small inhabited island. But it has been turned into a luxurious hotel resort and even gazelles have been imported !

Al Maya is the perfect place to live a waking dream in which you feel like being a prince 🙂

costa excursion abu dhabi

Sun cream, swimsuit and sun hat are compulsory to spend the best day ever !

After having a bath and drink, go and meet the gazelles ! They’re very easy to find. In fact they like the green grass growing around the hotel and villas nearby.

In brief, this excursion pleases not only families but also the people who are looking for change of scene and relaxation.

To put it in a nutshell, booking this excursion will bring you vitamin D and relaxation. And I think we all need that a lot, don’t we ?

costa excursion abu Dhabi
costa excursion abu dhabi

So are you ready to visit Al Maya Island ?

Abu Dhabi is a bustling city. Indeed there are so manu places to visit, such as the mosque for example. However your cruise may also be the opportunity to spend a day on an idyllic island.

costa excursion abu dhabi

To conclude my post, have a wonderful day

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  1. Sorry, Christelle ! I’m not Paul but Michele. As I received your blog sheet in english, I thought it was a good idea to practice my english. And, in the same way, on thursday we are going to Canterbury for a day. We love going there at Christmas time and as we did not for 4 years due to Covid, we are looking forward to it. But, usually, I talk with you in French.

  2. We had a Maldives experience with such a kind of resort and did not like it at all. We are much more interested in architectur and country side landscapes and real life of natives. And, we are a bit too old to lie in the sun but we like having a drink. Not too old for everything.

    1. Hi Paul, I understand what you mean and I agree with you. I ´m also very interested in museums and monuments. But during our cruise in the UAE I enjoyed that break on the beach 😉

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